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use formula to calculate a number then if > 7 then divide by 7 to have a result in weeks [Solved]

use formula to calculate a number then if > 7 then divide by 7 to have a result in weeks

I am comparing two dates and the result is the number of days apart, negative or positive.
My formula I am using is    =F12-$E$5.  What I need to know is if this result is greater than 7 days then divide by 7 so the result is in weeks vs days.  What do I need to do and what code is needed.  Also, the answer could be negative and would need to
still divide for the number of weeks.

Anwsers to the Problem use formula to calculate a number then if > 7 then divide by 7 to have a result in weeks

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Code worked great.
Is there something I can add if it is diplaying weeks, like maybe a w after the number with a space before the w?
First off, I am going to ask you to mark Ashish Mathur's posting as the "Answer" also.
The reason is his formula is more easily modified to do what you are now asking for...
=IF(ABS(F12-$E$5)>7,(F12-$E$5)/7&" w",F12-$E$5&" d")
Now, in case all those decimal places are too many for your use, here is his formula modified to display only 3 decimal places for the "weeks" values...
=IF(ABS(F12-$E$5)>7,TEXT((F12-$E$5)/7,"0.000 \w"),F12-$E$5&" d")
where the number of zeroes after the decimal point (inside the TEXT function call) controls the number of decimal places being reported.
One thing you should be aware of with the output you just asked for...
the formulas return text values that, because
they are no longer numbers, cannot be used in any numerical calculations.
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