Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Graphics card What is better? [Solved]

Graphics card What is better?

I have an Intel HD Graphics 4000 is a processor graphics card that is included in the Ivy Bridge processors of 2012 (3rd generation
of core, e.g.
Core i7-3770).
They said that this is an integrated card.
I just put in a Asus HD 6450 Silent (1GB DDR3) video card.
My computer has 16GB of RAM.
Which is better
for graphics? Does the RAM of the computer matter?

Keys to the Problem Graphics card What is better?

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The discrete high end and expensive video card is usually better in desktops, while integrated video is better in laptops--mostly because you can't add a separate card in laptops.
Today's desktop computers are so much better that there's not that much
visible difference between the budget model 6450 separate card and the integrated 4000.
Many times the integrated video is better than a cheap card.
Video cards on desktops have their own memory and don't depend on ram.

Use the System File Checker tool to repair corrupted or missing system files:

  1. Click Start.
  2. Type cmd, and then press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to open the elevated command prompt (I.e. Command prompt with administrative rights).
  3. The User Account Control window should appear, be sure that the action it exhibits is correct, and then press the Continue button.
  4. Type or copy paste the below command line into it without quotes:
  5. "Sfc /scannow"

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