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Fast Solution to Problem: Obtaining a date in Excel using VBA/Function

Obtaining a date in Excel using VBA/Function

I have data laid out horizontally in Excel similar to this:
1          JAN1          FEB1          MAR1          APR1          May1
2          JAN31         FEB28       MAR31        APR30         May31
3   ??                                             8                8
4   ??                                                              16                 24
The data represents timephasing of manhours for given periods of time (as illustrated, months), the data are real dates such as 4/15/2011.  Row 1 are period starts, row2 are period finishes.  Rows three and greater contain mostly blank cells, but some of
these time periods will have manhours associated with them.  In this illustration I am attempting to show manhours in March and April with Jan & Feb being blank (Row3).  In row 4 I am attempting to show manhours in April and May.  We may assume that once manhours
are listed, they are contiguous so there will be no "holes" in the spread.  The spread could be many time periods.
I can guarantee the time periods are contiguous, but not necessarily all in months (some might be weeks, others months, back and forth, all on
the same two rows).
I need some type of function or VBA code to scan accross row3 until it finds the first non-blank cell and then runs that up to the top so I can determine the Start and Finish Dates of the column where hours first appear.  I need the function/formula to return
a date (in this case, it would return March 1st to replace the ??  on row 3
For those familiar with Microsoft Project, the intention here is essentially to duplicate the functionality of the TaskUsage or ResourceUsage view in Project.  In the best solution, the result will dynamically change if I were to add manhours to February,
The real solution, will involve me doing this twice (in two separate columns), once when I find the first date (March) and write that to ??, then once I find the last occupied cell (Here it is April) I would write April 30th to a difference cell, perhaps
far to the right of April.
Once Row3 is happy, I move to Row4

Keys to the Problem Obtaining a date in Excel using VBA/Function

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Your VBA routine is part of a macro, not a UDF, but it should work.  However, since all you are doing is writing the formula into some cells, there is no reason to "Select" the cells.  Also, you can fill down without going to each cell.  Finally, if you
are using R1C1 notation style, and doing the more efficient fill down instead of entering each line individually, you should use the relative row addressing style when referring to the ManHours rows.  So, try:
Range("A3").FormulaArray = _
Range("A3").NumberFormat = "m/d/yyyy"
Range("B3").FormulaR1C1 = "=LOOKUP(2,1/ISNUMBER(RC3:RC11),R2C3:R2C11)"
Range("B3").NumberFormat = "m/d/yyyy"
The "2" in the LOOKUP function does NOT refer to row 2.  It is a number guaranteed to be larger than any value in the array generated by the next term (the Lookup_Vector), which will be an array consisting of either the numeric value "1", or the error value
#DIV/0!  LOOKUP will thus return the last value in the array, which will be the last entry, and return the corresponding entry from Row 2 (the Result Vector

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