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Troubleshoot:Cannot Change Screen Resolution in Windows XP Mode Error

Cannot Change Screen Resolution in Windows XP Mode

I have Windows 7 and run Windows XP in the virtual PC mode.
I have certain programs needed that are not supported by Windows 7 yet.
My normal screen resolution is 1366 x 768, when I run in the virtual PC mode my resolution decreases to 1360 x 766, this
is unacceptable to some of the programs needed, the minimum is 1060 x 768.
It will not allow me to increase this resolution in the display properties.
How can I change this resolution to the acceptable level for the programs needed?

Keys to the Problem Cannot Change Screen Resolution in Windows XP Mode

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Get a bigger screen with a higher resolution.  *grin* Just Kidding...
Seriously - what applications have a minimum resolution requirement of 1060 x 768?  That is just *bizzare* and not the type of application you would expect to have issues running on a modern OS.
Anyway - happily ripped from these very forums:
(Thanks to Mouneshwar R in June 2010)
It’s a limitation in Windows 7 virtual PC (Windows XP mode).
This happens because the screen resolution is limited to 16 bits.
However there is a workaround to get it to 32 bit.
All you need to do is to disable Integration features from the Virtual
1.    Open Virtual PC in windowed mode.
2.    Click on Tools.
3.    Disable Integration feature.
Now you can switch the color to 32 bits.
When the integration feature is disabled, the virtual PC acts like a virtual machine installed under VMware, etc.
Note: You might lose the direct access to the "Host Local drives" while in this mode unless you reset the networking parameters.
Now you can change the screen resolution of virtual PC to match with the native screen resolution.
You need to follow the common method of changing the screen resolution in Windows XP to get the same resolution as in Windows 7.
Visit the link below
that talk about how to change the screen resolution in Windows XP.
Change your monitor resolution
In order to re-enable "Integration", just either re-start the virtual machine or use the tools again in "Windowed mode" and enable integration features.

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