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[Anwsered] Applying Heading Styles to Words and not Whole paragraphs.

Applying Heading Styles to Words and not Whole paragraphs.

New to Styles and may be on the cusp of mastery or insanity.  Have gone over the guidance for creating list and heading styles found at more times than I want to admit and have reviewed all the Word 2007 styles-related movies at (several times for each of them, listening VERY carefully) and still cannot figure out
how to apply a heading to a few words in numbered paragraph (the words I want to wind up in the TOC) and not the entire paragraph.  I've even deleted all formatting and redid my list style (about a gazillion times) and re-checked each one of 6 Heading styles
- also many times over.  Per Shauna Kelly's guidance each of my multilevel levels are attached to the appropriate Heading - as Level 1 to Heading 1, Level 2 to Heading 2, etc.
and Heading 1 is based on "no style" with Heading 2 based on Heading 1, Heading
3 on Heading 2, etc. It's driving me bonkers (and at this point it's a short drive.) Would really appreciate some help with this.  John

Keys to the Problem Applying Heading Styles to Words and not Whole paragraphs.

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No wonder you're heading down the road to bonkers -- what you're asking for simply is not possible using only styles.

You need the Heading styles in order to build the multilevel list, and you can't avoid applying those styles to entire paragraphs.

Although you can apply "linked styles" (those that appear in the Styles pane with the
a¶ notation) to just a selected part of a paragraph, all that does is to apply the character part of the linked style as direct formatting to those words.
It does not make them into anything the TOC recognizes.

The alternative left to you is to insert TC fields that contain the desired words/phrases, and build the TOC exclusively from those fields.
Here are the necessary steps:

First, display nonprinting and hidden text by clicking the ¶ button.
The TC fields are automatically formatted as hidden, but you need to see them while you're creating them.Go to a heading that you want (partially) in the TOC.
Copy the words you want in the TOC.At the end of the heading (or even between any two words), press Ctrl+F9 to insert a pair of field markers.
Between the markers, type
TC and then a pair of double quotes, and paste the desired words between the quotes.
For example,
TC "First Heading".Repeat the preceding step for every heading that needs to appear in the TOC.
Save often, and double-check your work.At the location for the TOC, click References | Table of Contents | Insert Table of Contents.In the dialog, after choosing the appearance/format you want, click the Options button at the lower right.In the options dialog, uncheck both the Styles box and the Outline Levels box; and check the Table Entry Fields box.
Then OK both dialogs.

This should get you the TOC you want.
If you add, remove, or edit headings in the document, it's up to you to remember to insert, delete, or modify the TC fields and then update the TOC -- none of this is automatic.

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